Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2 Missionaries walked into a bar...then broke into their ward mission leaders house.........

May 19th -

Why hello fine people!!! I hope this finds you well!! It has been a crazy busy and...interesting week!

So starting with Monday night. You know that less actives house that is in the middle of nowhere and when Sister Wily and I went there we were freaking orsleves out... yeah well Sister Brady and I went there again and it was good but while we were there it had rained so at 8:45 when we went to go leave I put the car into what I thought was reverse but when I pushed the gas nothing happened it just made the noise of tires moving... I though maybe I put it in neutral but when I checked nope it was in reverse... We were legit stuck in the mud. Now Lousiana mud is super sticky and hard to get out off. Ssiter Brady tried to push while I was reversing and it didn't work. so finally I put it into drive and it moved like 4 inches forward. so then I reversed..... needless to say I did like a 50 million point turn and we finally got unstuck!!! People here need drivways of gravel not grass!!! :) So that was fun and got the car all messy!!! 

Tuesday was interviews with Pres. Wall!! I love that man!!! My letter this week talks alot about the interview!!! :) It was what I needed to hear!!!

Wednesday we went to the hood!! :) But don't worry mama we had the Spirit to protect us! We did a service project as a zone at a african american history museum! AND GUESS WHAT I DID!!!!! you will never guess but few things have made me happier in life... just kidding....kinda!! This little white girl planted cotton!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited!! The woamn was listing all the jobs taht needed to get done and when she said planting cotton my hand went flying up!!! Who ever gets the opportunity to plant cotton, in Louisiana, at a legit afriacn american history museum!!! Not many people!!! It was so fun! Life goal....check!!! jk :)

Thursday we went on exchanges! It was really good and very much needed! I stayed in Praireville with Sister Lindstrom!!! She was Sister Bradys comp in the MTC!!! :) it was good!!

Friday, our district leader got permission from pres. wall to do a temple session for our district meeting! It was super cool to all be there together!! it was just super awesome!!

Saturday..... us 7 missionaries (there are 3 assistants now since e. asuao leaves in a week) we all accidently walked into a bar and it was super awkward. but the funny thing is that we all walked in a different times. When sister brady and I walked in we just stood in the door way and everyone just loooked at us. the woman said thisis a bar so seat yourself....... my face was super red and I said "well I don't see the people we are meeting yet so I am just going to wait outside!" Then we walked next door to the actual restaurant!! :) It was super funny!!

Sunday was super crazy!!! We went to church and there was a woman there that came in and said to me and sister brady... I need a priesthood holder. well it was 45 min before church started so every priesthood holder that was there was in PEC. so I said we can wait with you so I can tell you who walks in that is a priesthood holder. So we were waiting there and this guy gotout of his car and I said "I have never seen him so I dont know" and the woman said her spoke at the singles conference yesterday. that is Elder Parker of the 70!!! So she went out to talke to him and us and hte elders stayed  by the doors. He came in and asked the elders is they had an oil. Elder Adkins left his in Gonzales when he was on exchanges and Elder Mapa said "I think mine is in the car" Well remember when I told you that my branch pres in the MTC told us sister to carry oil, for when something like that happened! Well you can bet our burning buns I said here use mine! Elder Parker was like leave it to the Sisters to help the Elders out.... I just think its pretty cool that the first person to use the oil I carry with me is a 70!!! :) Moving on to 3:15 Sister Bradyand i are doing our studies at the aprtment and the elders call. they said the whitehats decided to get baptized today....at 4.... but we cant get ahold of brother fitt(the ward mission leader)a dn the white clothes are at his house.... we need you to go there and get them! So we went and had to do a little trespassing and find our way into the house then to get the clothes.... brother fitt was cool with it.... I just felt awkward!! :) So we get back and the whitehats got baptized!! The elder ahve been working with the family but Sister Wily and I met with the mom once an week and taught her!!! :) It was super neat to be ableto welcome her out of the water!! :) She was so happy!! I have never apprecieated a wet hug so much before that moment in my life!! :) It was just super cool!! and the spirit was so strong even though we only have 1 hour to prepare!!! :)

I love you all!!

Your favorite missionary!

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