Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gladys Knight

 K, so me, Maddy's mom am pretty proud of myself.  I am becoming so tech savy!  LOL.  Maddy's letters are seriously so entertaining I have to share them, and I am pretty sure that is why she set up this blog a long time ago!  So I promise to try and be better!!!

May 5th -

Why hello!
So this week has been crazy busy!! Tuesday night there was the Gladys Knight performance. i had no idea who she was until I was out here and they were talking about this thing! But she is actually pretty good! So like 20ish years ago she converted to the church and pres. Hinckley asked her to oraginze a choir. So now she travels around with this grammy award winning choir talking to people about her conversion and just singing gospel music! So we just invted a bunch of people! And they started the thing by having hte choir enter down the aisle between the chairs in the gym then make their way up to behind the podium. Well guess who followed the choir in! Gladys Knight! adn guess who was sitting in an aisle seat! This girl!! So she was going and high fiving people so naturally I stick my hand out and instead of high fiving me what does she do? She grabs my hand and just smiles! Then she kept going but the purpose of this story is tat I am Gladys Knights favorite person.... I had to make that conclusion in case you didn't catch it! :) But this is one of those things taht they encourage people to rise their hands and say amen and to stand and clap and stuff. and everyone was nervous to do it b/c it was a mormon church and they didn't knw what exactly to do. But a few people were getting up and clapping and swaying so I stood up was clapping my hands saying amen and.... well really I was jsut workin it. And all the missionaries I was sitting by were laughing!! :) Sister Thornely (yeah she was there and I got to see her and it made my day!) was embarassed and I jsut loved it! But by the end they were all standing up clapping shoutin amens!! It was just super awesome!! and I great way for one night to really blend with the culture of the South! :) We didn't get home until 12 that night because the last one got over pretty late! But we are already seeing miralces! 2 or 3 sets of missionaries in our zone meeting the next day said that the people they brought came out saying "How can I get baptized? I want to get baptized!" from that night the Baton Rouge Zone (37ish missionaries) got 110 referrals!!  It was so awesome!! One ward alone got 63!! Our ward got 9 but since we have the zone leaders and the assistants in our ward they went to help the BR North missioanries contact their 63 so Sister Brady and I contacted the 9. Now nine doesn't seem lke too many but we were asked to contact all those referrals in the first 48 hours. Some of the people we had to go to their homes 5 times before they were there. Now the referrals were from info card that people filled out and gave to the ushers at the performance. and if they filled out that info card they would get a package delivered by a church representive (aka missionaries :) )with a restoration dvd, a bom, and a sampler gladys knight cd inside! So we went out to try to find and contact all these people and we had some pretty cool experiences!
Sunday ms BJ came to church for the first time!! She is an investigator that we have been working with!! She was a referral from our recent convert! and she finally came!! She loves having us over! She calls Sister Wily and I her daughters and when she had surgery 3 weeks ago we brought her over a little care package wil a picutre of us in it and now she has that picture on her table by her couch! She came to Gladys Knight but didn't sign up for a package because she said "I already got myslef some missionaries!" :) But we went by to see how she liked it the next day to follow up and she said that she really really like it! As we left she said "I want you to know that I really am think about becoming mormon!" :) 

I miss you and love you!!
Your favortie missionary!!

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