Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alligators, Alligators, Alligators.....

Alligator farm was the most ghettotastic place I have ever been!! Well except for a few places in North Baton Rouge but I won't tell you about those until I get home!!! :) We go and this tour guide is Cajun through and through so we go and the first alligator we see is in what he calls "detention" he proceeded totell us that this 12.5 foot alligator escapes abot once a month. This happens becuse some of the tin fencing has holes and the smart ones know how to get through.......... he said they were tired of the nieghbors calling them to get the alligator out of their yards. HELLO! I see an issue here! Fix the dang fence becuase they shouldnt be able to get out in the first place! Then he tried getting it to come to him and it wouldn't so he said well looks like I will have to go to her. He then lays down on the ground 5 inches from its face and then starts tapping its nose! Yeah the alligator did not like that!! THere was a mom with her two little boys that that started swearing up a storm! Then we left and I got to pet a little 3-4 year old one and then hold a baby one!!! :) I guess you can say I am a professional now. PS what made it more ghettotastic was the fact that they had tin baby pool sort of things inside the gift shop with alligators in them..... with no signs saying don't touch or "could kill you beware" granted they biggest one was 4 ft. but I went and being the genius that I am put my face near the rim and the thing lunged at me and almost took my face off.  But I survived... no need to worry! After the alligator farm we drove back and went to a less active members home becuase she wanted her grandson to get a blessing. it was super cool because usually whenever we go there the entrie family but her scatters. And I promise I shower every day so its not my hygiene thats the issue. but they were all there and we could totally feel the spirit and it was jsut awesome!! :)

We taught our investigator named BJ the restoration!! What what!!! It went perfect! Well almost..... her nieghbor who is one of our recent converts came in part way through and was bring us way off topic at some points..... really though they were outrageous comments! :) But at the end of the lessons I extended the invitation to be baptized. She said that if she reads and finds out the BOM is true that the answer is yes! Sweet justice it was awesome!! :) Then we were able to go to the temple that night with a less active that is coming back. It has been 20 years and she is doing great. It is amazing to see missionary work come full circle!! 

Wednesday: Nothing too grand happened at all. Actually I cant remember Wednesday so I am assuming there was nothing too remarkable that happened!

We went to go see a less active family that a member told us to go see. So we make the long trip out there and we knock on the door and the womans son answers and we asked if his mom was home. He said yes and invited us is. So we wait in the kitchen while he goes in the back. He come out and says wait here she will be out in a few minutes then he left. So we wait in their kitchen...... 15 minutes passes and I think its funny..... 30 mintues passes and I start to think its not reall funny anymore......45 minutes passes and I start calling the sons name to see if he will come out... nope.... finally an hour passes of us sitting in their kitchen so we leave. I would have left sooner but the member that told us to go see her said that she takes forever toget ready and to get out of bed. So I didn't know if thats what she was doing and I didnt want to offend her by her spending that time to get to ready then come out to no one. But after an hour I said we are leaving. I even fake sneezed to see if anyone would come out. Then I took the phone off silent and went to ring tones and made it go off. That didn't even work... I was out of ideas and took the hint that we should leave!! :) So that was delightful!! :)\

We worked on trying to visit people on the roster we have never met before......... 23 unanswered doors later the gospel is still true and people still dont like us!! :) Just kidding people love us... most of the time! :) Our Friday dinner appointment was interesting..... the Elders told the person feeding us that I wanted to drink some buttermilk..... straight buttermilk....... I didn't think that it was funny... I took a few sips and then about tossed my cookies so I made Elder Mapa finish it! 

We went back to BJs and watched the restoration DVD with her. SHe loved it! It was the 20 minute one and when it was over she said "Thats it? I want more!"  What words can make a missionary want to jump out and shout for joy more that "I want more"? So we are going to go back and watch the longer one with her!! Saturday night we invited investigaotrs and recent converts to come play volleyball with us at the church! It was super fun and its nice to just have fun with people!

We went to church and then spent the afternoon at the hospital visiting one of our memebers was is in their. And we went to a members house for dinner and they bought us little caesars pizza. I always feel super awkward when that happens.. like what do you say??? Please tell me becuase I cant wuite figure it out. The member said "Sorry my husband is out buying dinner dont judge us or be mad it has just been a crazy week." I responded "Do you need help unloading your dishwasher?" hahaha I didnt want tosay that it was okay because it isnt but they have their agency :)

We tried to visit more people on the ward roster we havent met before. We pull up to this one house and the woman is in the drive way with her dogs. W eare getting our stuff together and I jokingly say Sister we need to hurry before she runs in the house! So we get out and start going up the sidewalk and she starts walking to the door to let her dogs in. so she opened her door and let the dogs in and then went in herself and closed the door on us without saying a word. Well on the off chance that she is blind and was unable to see us coming right behind her, I knocked...... no answer so I knock again..... no answer. So that was fun!!! :) Then the next house people pulled down the shutters to see who it was and then shut them..... yup they never answered... I think they wanted us to think they werent home.... haha then we went to Pres. Riggs home for dinner.

Well I hope you all have a good week!! I love all yall so much!!!

Your favorite Missionary

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